NIM’s story began in 2014, NIM Consulting Group (known as NIMCG) positions herself as a boutique and professional service firm that offers the business consultancies and business development as services in Vietnam. Our Clients include the most demanding multinational companies operating in Vietnam and worldwide. With in-depth market understanding, wide network and hands-on team, we are confident in offering qualified services to prominently meet high demanding requirements from clients.

The works NIM performs help clients to gain the competitive landscape in order to identify the best fitting targets and solutions for clients’ needs.


NIM supports foreign companies to unlock the possibilities and make a strive to stamp a solid foothold in Vietnam. With solid resources of in-depth understanding of local market, local culture and local business behavior; additionally linkage a wide network and a passionate team, NIM combines those within these following services:


According to the report in 2017, Vietnam gained a record US$15.8 billion in foreign direct investment in 2016 thanks to its improved investment and business environment. Despite the challenges in terms of the quality of physical infrastructure, the integration of technology and communication and the qualified and compatible labor force, Vietnam positively expects to continue to be an attractive destination in South East Asia for foreign investors due to new opportunities from international economic integration to remove the trade barriers, geographic location, high potential market, stable politic and safe desitination, and supportive Government with attractive promotions & incentives. Let‘s together with us explore further why Vietnam is constantly a popular and attractive destination for foreign investors.


At NIM Consulting Group, we encourage the “Incremental Mindset“ as it is a critical ingredient to make a greater transformation in each individual and therefore in the organization.

Think Big – Start Small – Learn Fast

Do not limit your challenges, let‘s challenge your limit with us.


Tailor-made advisory service, deliver the in-depth insights, share the investment guide and industry report at our strong wills of integrity, agility, understandability and results-driven.

We are ready and at your disposal. Why not contact us today for your first step of market entry in Vietnam and South East Asia.


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