In the world of mass information, open sources, how a new-to-market identify a market potential and avoid the cognitive biased information? With comprehensive experience and in-depth understanding of Vietnam market, NIM Consulting Group (NIMCG) is here to help foreign companies in their market entry plan with the following framework:

In order to support your market entry and business establishment efficiently as well as building & maintaining the sustainable competitive advantages, NIMCG would like to suggest and offer these three services. Kindly contact us for further information.



Despite the many potentials the market penetrating requires patience, the establishment of reliable business contacts is tedious and time-consuming

Integrating into the main strenghts of procurement market in Vietnam diversity, quality, skilled workers, and low labor cost; NIM offers the in-depth market analysis, careful preparation and professional on-site support to international enterprises.

Our approach in procurement (sourcing/ partner search) project:


Acording to the Vietnam‘s Ministry of Planning and Investment, with the assistance of the World Bank, they are currently drafting the new FDI strategy for 2018-2023, which is focusing on priority sectors and quality of investments, rather than the quantity. With the new strategy, Vietnam aims to boost more foreign investments in high-tech industries rather than labor intensive.

There are four major sectors in focus in the new draft:

  1. Manufacturing: including the high-grade metals, minerals, chemicals, electronic components, plastics and high-tech;
  2. Services: including the MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) along with logistics;
  3. Agriculture: including innovative agricultural products, i.e. High value products such as rice, coffee, and seafood;
  4. Travel: high-value tourism services.

For the priorities of short-term and middle-term basics, industries with limited opportunities for the competition will be prioritzed, contain of:

  • Manufacturing/ Production: automotive and transport equipment OEMs and suppliers;
  • Environmental-friendly technology: Water conservation, solar, wind power investments

For the priorities of long-term basic, the Government would like to emphasize on developing skills including:

  • Manufacturing: of pharmaceutical and medical equipment
  • Services: education, healthcare, and finance services; and financial technology (fintech)
  • Information technology and intellectual services.

The draft also includes recommedations about the further removal of entry-barriers and optimizing incentives for foreign investors in such that their effect on the economy is maximized.





In any business, NIM Consulting Group believe that the talent is absolutely the core asset to stay competitively and sustainably in the challenging business world. In order to connect the right talents to the right jobs, the recruiters need to understand the stages of candidate journey and that would be a not-easy work for foreign investors in their entry phase in a new country. Why not let NIM recruitment team to help you to find the right talent and ease your pain from today and onwards.

Nurturing the relationship with the candidates along the way and ultimize the insights throughout our diversified experience wide network, and in-depth local culture understanding to stay on top of mind and identfy the most appropriate one and consider you as their next employer, you will achieve the establishment of recruiting success.

At NIM Consulting Group, our recruitment team ever strive for the efficiency, agility, integrity, and the effectiveness with the addition of passionate heart, we believe that we can help your organization to unlock the talents‘ potential and leverage the core asset of today and you will be our next satisfied clients.

Let‘s start now to discover the journey of candidates to get better understanding on top of their minds. As of today, the candidates are open-minded, keen on taking the new opportunities and leverage their careers if the existing one cannot make them satisfied. So why not engage now your potential talents and let them begin their discovery journey of what makes your company unique. Once they form opinions and associations with your brand, there, you can synergy their passion and build a relationship with your brand. According to this, you can fuel their wills with their applications to your open roles, and strengthen your talent asset consequently.

Journey of candidate

Experiencing the journey of candidates, NIM Consulting Group would like you to explore further our recruitment process to make sure the filtering work well and your candidates enjoy mostly with their journey as well as your company‘s unique and values.


Although Vietnam remains a country of motorbikes, demand of using cars in Vietnam becomes more favored nowadays. Due to trending to opting more comfortable and safety vehicles, auto sales have grown dramatically. Additionally, in recent years, the Vietnamese Government encourage the automotive enterprises to develop the supporting industry in the automotive manufacturing supply chain. Vietnam now is attempting to create an attracting destination for automotive market and is in the hard effort of encouraging the global automotive makers to invest in Vietnam.

Catching the trend and the market potential, NIM Consulting Group is with focus-driven on providing the the Vietnam automotive insights and solutions for localization and distribution in Vietnam. With this service, we hope to share the better overview and insightful market info of Vietnam automotive and supporting industries in automotive manufacturing. Moreover, with the engagement of automotive experts from Europe, we are able to provide you a package of comprehensive, compatible and optimzed solutions in pre-and post- business establishment as well as manufacturing set-up.