“What are the most appropriate approach for your market entry in Vietnam?”

With NIM Consulting Group (NIMCG), we have been non-stopping to enrich our local expertise and to enlarge our extensive network to provide the business advice to our high-demanding customers from many different countries.

NIM Consulting Group (NIMCG) performs her mission to provide the in-depth market analysis and understanding and compatible business approach proposal for foreign investors in their strategic business developement and investment decision into a promising Vietnam market.



At NIM Consulting Group, we respect the unique of individual and the power of an integrated team. We believe that only when we marry our passion with our works, we all will make the impossibility possible.

To support the foreign investors unlock the business opportuntities and leverage their competence in a promising Vietnam, we ever strives for efficiency, agility and effectiveness with strong commitment and dedication in three values :

  • Understandability
  • Integrity
  • Adaptability

In NIM Consulting Group, we never limit our challenges but challenge our limits.

Why do we marry our passion with our consulting job?

To help foreign companies to achieve the organizational purposes and objectives

NIMCG is proud of being a local consultant with international experience and approved by authentic clients and organizations, through-out various business cases and challenges in:

  • Solving business problems
  • Identifying and seizing new business opportunities
  • Enhancing the local learning
  • Implementing the changes

To achieve targets from high-demanding customers, NIMCG builds a concrete rules for success:

  • LISTEN to your problems.
  • UNDERSTAND your situation.
  • PERFORM result-oriented works.
  • DELIVER most compatible solutions.
  • LEAD you to success.


In business, there is no good intention, only good decision. That is the mission of NIMCG to help the enterprises to make the right business decision in their each of development and investment stage in Vietnam.

In NIM Consulting Group, we apply the philosophy of passion in every piece of work that we are doing. We strongly believe that:

  • To deliver the SERVICE, we need GOOD KNOWLEDGE,
  • To deliver the GOOD SERVICE, we need add the BETTER UNDERSTANDING,
  • And to deliver the EXCELLENT SERVICE, we require the PASSION.

That is so true when Mr. Jay Danzie, known as authur and motivational speaker, he mentioned:

“Your SMILE is your LOGO, your PERSONALITY is your BUSINESS CARD, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your TRADEMARK”.

In NIM Consulting Group, we build the habit in our daily work, in every piece of work, Passion, Smile, Personality and Experience are ultimized and transformed to be Excellent Service, Logo, Business Card and our Trademark. With those, supporting the eneterprises to make their success is honorably our pride.


With best practice of our philosophy, we offer the compatible and appropriate framework to help you identify the opportunity, meanwhile aware and minize the risk.


Marrying the passion at work, NIM Consulting Group team is about to help the clients to make the right decision and therefore to achieve their target in Vietnam market.

We deliver at our best with: